Construction services

Professionally executed construction and repair greatly prolongs the life of the facility.

Depending on the priority tasks of construction, we provide services for monitoring the serviceability of elements of engineering systems.  An important point is the qualification of workers performing repair services, and the quality of the selected materials.

Specialists of our company will start specific work only after detailed examination of project documentation and condition of the object.

After agreeing on the volumes and tasks, geodetic calculations can also be carried out.  Construction works are carried out after the approval of the final plan, budget and other preparatory work.

We provide services for the construction of new objects, carry out reconstruction, restoration, overhaul and technical improvement of construction objects. The company is equipped with the necessary equipment and software of modern requirements and technologies.

Our qualified specialists guarantee complex construction and research work, timely completion of the project and high quality of moustache. The availability of highly qualified specialists and a great deal of successful work experience allows us to provide our clients with the most suitable solutions for each specific object, to ensure perfect quality of services and optimal conditions.

The Repair and Construction Department of Baku Construction Gallery Group will create an optimal design for each project based on the complex work of specialists of different spheres and individual approach to each client.  A clear algorithm of actions and the professionalism of engineers in preparing the project allow us to take into account the requirements of each client and achieve maximum results at minimal cos

  • Installation of road curbs
    Production and installation of 1-meter curbs
     Installation of 0.5-1-meter curbs
  • Production and stamping of tamet (decorative stone)
    white and black tamet
    tamet of 3 sizes
     cotton wool sealing before laying tamet
  •  Furnishing
  • Production and sale of new types of bricks
  • Production, sale and transport of sand, rubble, sand and gravel mix, gravel in tons (delivery on the day of order)


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